Parts Support

NEM Parts Support makes ordering parts quick and easy! Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all your parts questions. Plus, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of high-quality, genuine NEM parts so we can ship them to you quickly.

What to Expect When Using NEM for your Parts Needs

Genuine NEM PartsNEM parts are designed to the exact specifications of your machine, anything less could compromise the performance and value of your machine. Generic parts are designed to fit many different models. They probably won’t be a true fit to your machine and can cause issues down the road costing much more than the genuine part and less hassle.

Fast PartsNEM’s parts professionals understand your urgency and offer short lead-times on most parts. We provide same-day shipping in most cases and overnight shipping is often available.

Highly Responsive, Great Service – Our Parts staff doesn’t merely know names of parts and part numbers… they are NEM machine experts having great knowledge in what you need and don’t need. Best part is - they truly care about their customers and want you to have everything you need but won’t sell you things you don’t need.

Specialized Parts PlanThis is a plan built specifically for your machine taking into consideration your product, your industry, your line speed and more.

Parts Recommendations - Our Parts Team will also provide you with a list of recommended parts to keep on hand at your facility.

We are ready to assist you at any time and can be contacted most efficiently by submitting the form linked here or by telephone NEM at 941.755.5550 to speak to us and see how we can help you meet your project timeline.

In the form, please provide as much information as possible about your requirements, including the machine serial number. One of our experienced Parts staff will get back to you with pricing and delivery timeline within 24-48 hours.

Learn more about the following support our knowledgeable Parts staff can provide:


1.Wear Parts & Spare Parts

NEM builds high quality machines using superior parts to provide the most reliable equipment possible for your line to ensure optimal performance. Normal use and wear of machinery requires certain service parts as time marches forward. When you are seeing normal wear and tear on your machine parts impact your machine's performance, it is time to order replacement parts. And it’s important to know, nothing but a genuine NEM part will do. Plus, our experienced Parts team can help you determine the right parts you need today and keep you on track so you don’t fall short tomorrow. We maintain a huge spare parts inventory, and have engineering drawings on every machine we have ever built. All we need to identify your exact machine and the components fitted in it is the serial number located on the identification plate affixed to the machine.

We can even help you with parts no longer in inventory as many customers are still running NEM machinery built decades ago. Since NEM has its own machine shop, we can easily create the part you need by pulling engineering drawings from our records.

Due to shipping delays, we recommend you keep SPARE PARTS on site at your facility to maximize efficiency. Call us today for more information about ordering a Critical Spare Parts Kit for your facility.

2.Change Parts

Your NEM machine may be able to address the need of today’s ever-changing consumer demands, new product development, established market re-development and the ever present search for newer or more appealing packaging, with new custom tooling also known as change parts.

New machinery may not always be needed to answer to these challenges. We at New England Machinery, Inc. have a viable and, more importantly, economically feasible alternative through our change parts program.

When presented with a new container or closure call our customer service department and we’ll work with you to develop a retro-fittable change parts package to meet your needs. One of our factory-trained technicians will set-up your new package and perform fine-tuning to optimize your production line performance. Call us at 941.755.5550, or fill out the form here.

3.Upgrades & Retrofits

Extend the life of your capital investment with NEM’s Upgrade & Retrofit Programs. These programs are designed to improve the efficiency and reliability of an existing machine and bring your NEM equipment up to current standards. As it is not always financially feasible to purchase a new, more efficient machine, this is a great option to save valuable time and money.

You can have the best machine ever built, but due to age or lack of adequate maintenance, if it does not run efficiently, it is ultimately costing you time and money. No production plant can afford to lose either one of these valuable items. As it is not always financially feasible to purchase new equipment, this option will provide a great alternative.

Here are 3 reasons to consider NEM's Upgrades & Retrofit Programs: