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    Coil knowledge

    Wireless coil applications, devices should pay attention to what problems?

    Electronic device in wireless charging coil of any electronic equipment, are the performance features of various components of engineering and technical personnel according to the wireless charging coil with the carefully organized, comprehensive layout, reasonable planning out. As the actuator of the coil, pay attention to the following problems: a few problems with the wireless charging coil.
    (1) the device position of the wireless coil shall be in accordance with the planning requirements
    Provisions of the relative orientation device range wireless charging coil and other components to fit the plan, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the whole wireless charging coil machine. For example, the high frequency choke in a simple semiconductor radio is properly organized with the orientation of the magnetic antenna; the antenna coil and the vibrating coil should be straight with each other, thus avoiding the influence of mutual coupling.
    (2) the coil shall be viewed in front of the device
    Before use, you should see whether the structure of the coil is firm or not, whether or not the wire turn is loose and loose by the electromagnetic coil, whether the wire contact is loose or not, whether the magnetic core rotates sensitively, whether or not there is a slide fastener, etc.. These aspects are examined after qualified wireless charging coil, and then device.
    (3) the coil should be adjusted according to the application process, and the coil charging method should be taken into consideration
    Some coils in the use of the process of fine-tuning requirements, relying on the coil to change the number of very inconvenient, so the choice should be taken into account when fine-tuning. For example, the single-layer coil can select the method of removing the number of trapped coils by the end point, that is, one end of the coil in advance of the coil is wound on 3 or 4 rings at the end of the coil, and the inductance can be changed when the position of the coil is moved at fine trimming. Practice has proved that this method of adjustment can be done to fine tune + 2%- + 3% inductance. The coil used in HF and VHF circuits, often set aside half circle as trimming, remove or turn the half circle of the inductance change, to complete the wireless charging coil tuning. Fine tuning of a multilayer coil can be accomplished by moving a segmented relative interval. The number of movable segments should be 20%-30% of the total number of turns. Practice has proved that this fine-tuning can reach 10%-15%. The coil with the magnetic core can adjust the orientation of the magnetic core in the coil of the coil in order to finish the fine adjustment of the inductance of the coil.
    (4) the coil shall be used to keep the inductance of the coil in the original coil
    Coil in use, do not arbitrarily change the shape of the coil. The distance between the size and the coil of the radio coil, otherwise the inductance of the coil will be affected. Especially, the higher the frequency, the less the coil. Therefore, the high frequency coil used in the TV set is usually sealed with high frequency wax or other dielectric materials. In addition, it should be noted that in the repair, do not arbitrarily modify or adjust the orientation of the original coil, to avoid lead to detuning.
    (5) the adjustable coil device shall be easy to adjust the radio charging coil

    The adjustable coil shall be installed in the easily adjustable position of the machine, and the wireless coil will be used to adjust the inductance of the coil so as to achieve the optimum operation condition.