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    Coil knowledge

    The commonly used _ jinzan coil inductance coil

    1 single layer coil
    Single coil is a circle around the enclosure to get a paper or bakelite skeleton insulated wire. Such as transistor radio, medium wave antenna coil.
    2 、 honeycomb coil
    It is assumed that the coil is not parallel to the plane of rotation but intersects at a certain angle. This coil is called a honeycomb coil. And the number of times a conductor bends back and forth in a week's rotation is often called a folding point. The benefits of the honeycomb winding method are small size, small distributed capacitance, and large inductance. The honeycomb coils are wound using a honeycomb winding machine, and the more points are broken, the smaller the distributed capacitance
    3 ferrite core and iron powder core coil
    The inductance of the coil is related to or without the magnetic core. The ferrite core is inserted in the air core coil to increase the inductance and the quality factor of the forward coil.
    4 、 copper core coil
    Copper core coil in ultrashort wave planning are used. The use of the copper core in the coil inductance range to change, the adjustment convenient, by contrast.
    5, color code inductor
    Is the color code inductor inductor with fixed inductance, the inductance of the same resistance as the symbol to symbol color ring.
    6. Small fixed inductors
    A small fixed inductor is usually wrapped in core winding directly into line with paint, mainly used in filtering, oscillation, trap, delay circuit, it is sealed and non sealed two package methods, two methods are two kinds of vertical and horizontal structure.
    1. vertical sealing fixed inductors vertical sealing fixed inductors to use the same type of domestic pin inductance planning for 0.1~2200 H (direct scale on the shell), rated current is 0.05~1.6A, fault planning + 5%~ + 10%, inductance of imports, the amount of current planning more, smaller fault. Import TDK series color dot color code inductor, the inductor appearance with its inductance.
    2. horizontal sealed inductors, horizontal sealed inductors, axial pin selection, domestic LG1.LGA, LGX and other series.
    The inductance of the LG1 series inductor is planned to be 0.1~22000 mu H (direct scale on the case), the rated operating current is 0.05~1.6A, and the error plan is + 5%~ + 10%. LGA series inductors use ultra small structure, the shape is similar to the 1/2W color ring resistor, and its inductance is planned to be 0.22~100 H (color ring is marked on the shell), the rated current is 0.09~0.4A. LGX series color code inductor also for small package structure, the inductance of planning for 0.1~10000 H, rated current is divided into 50mA, 150mA, 300mA and 1.6A four specifications.
    7 、 adjustable inductor

    The commonly used adjustable inductors include vibrating coils for semiconductor radios, oscillating coils used in TV sets, linear coils, intermediate frequency trap coils, audio frequency compensation coils, choke coils, etc..